Sample images

Photos taken with Sony

Why Sony for photography? It’s easy. This company has made a lot of innovations – it is a market challenger and a market leader in the field of milc cameras. It poses a threat to both dslr and milc types of cameras.

Sony has the first and only full frame point and shoot: the RX1 and the RX1R – making it light, powerful and a very good image quality with decent capabilites for night photography and cityscaping with exceptionally good ISO performance. Now, a new updated version the Sony RX1R II will be released in 2016.

Sony has the first full frame milch – A7, A7s, A7R, A7R II, A7s II and A7II – with a growing number of average or above the average lens sortiment. It us true that many of them look a bit pricey and Sony will need to bring out new lenses in 2016 – but they are easy, extreme sharp, really good image quality performers.

Thje RX100 series (Sony RX100 IV and RX10 II came out in 2015) again come up against the big brands – they are suitable as a second camera to big DSLR holders as well as a nice holiday zoom digital camera for lower end users to enthusiasts.

Have you heard of Sony Nex cameras? They are by now replaced with the ILCE – a6000 is one the fastest point end shot, interchangable cameras with very good ISO performance – suitable for sports and events as well.

A77II has similar features to a6000 in an SLT body – along with the A99 full frame camera representing the older generation of DSLR-like bodies. New announcement and a big surprise: Sony alpha a68 will be released in 2016!

It is now a big challange for Nikon and Canon to compete with Sony. The company has brought out a lot of new lenses for the mirrorless ILCE line and they are currently working on a F2.8 set primes and zooms. Also, the new Zeiss lenses (Loxia and Milvus for Canon) will be a nice addtion to the already existing line. Canon users will be able to shift to Sony cameras as the new metabones mark IV adapter works wonderfully with Sony a7r II and older bodies as well.

We have lots of sample images of Sony cameras and lenses and they will be available here soon. To browse and check out some image samples feel free to visit our collection of full size images on Lenses and camera bodies were tested in Hungary – thank you Sony Westend and the guys working there.